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Studies and research towards the development and management of natural resources on a sustainable basis constitute some of the major activities of the Institute. It also strives to develop and promote innovative measures, methods and approaches for modernizing and enhancing production, productivity and quality of products of the economic and service sectors. It equally focuses on human resource development by providing opportunities towards imparting necessary and relevant knowledge and skills so that they in turn become the engine of growth and thus promoting a job-led economic progress. It is aimed that the outputs of the activities will ultimately lead to the improvement of quality of life of people while following pro-nature and environment-friendly approaches.
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News & Events
APN Project ARCP208- Joint Workshop
APN Project ARCP208- Initial Meeting
International Workshop on Himalayan Cryospere
International Workshop on Integrated Environmental Change
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Impact of Global Change on the Dynamics of Snow....
Impact of Climate Change on Himalayan Glaciers
Global Change Impact Assessment for Himalayan Mountain Regions
Water Resources in South Asia: An Assessment of Climate Change
Mountain Ecosystem and Services
Global Change
Himalayan Resources & Sustainable Development
Water, Energy & Environment
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