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IDI, registered in 1996 under relevant act of Nepal, is a non-profit making, non- governmental Research and Development organization dedicated to help, through systems approach, in generating and promoting complimentary and mutually reinforcing packages of technology, services and suggestive public policies.

Studies and research towards the development and management of natural resources on a sustainable basis constitute some of the major activities of the Institute. It also strives to develop and promote innovative measures, methods and approaches for modernizing and enhancing production, productivity and quality of products of the economic and service sectors. It equally focuses on human resource development by providing opportunities towards imparting necessary and relevant knowledge and skills so that they in turn become the engine of growth and thus promoting a job-led economic progress. It is aimed that the outputs of the activities will ultimately lead to the improvement of quality of life of people while following pro-nature and environment-friendly approaches.

While striving to contribute through studies, research and training for a rapid socio-economic development and capacity building, its activities are geared towards strengthening the livelihood security of the poor, promoting gender balance and maintaining the ecological integrity at various levels extending from national to regional and global levels.


  1. To conduct scientific, technological and other related multidisciplinary studies and research for the development and sustainable management of natural resources;

  2. To develop and promote innovative measures, methods and approaches for modernizing and enhancing production, productivity and quality of products of economic and service sectors including agriculture and industry;

  3. To address environmental problems at the national, regional and global levels through basic and applied research;

  4. To provide opportunities for human resource development through the educational programs and training etc. ; and

  5. To facilitate the exchange of research results as well as the gained knowledge and experiences by organizing workshops, seminars, etc. and also publishing periodic reports, newsletter and other regular publications.
Organisation and Management

An Executive committee guides IDI in identifying its thrust areas as well as in formulating and executing its program activities. The committee also looks after other operational aspects of the Institute.

Organisation Capabilities

IDI has a team of qualified and experienced professional, research, support and service staff to conduct studies, research as well as training for accomplishing its mission.
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